10 Minute Gratitude Meditation

Start your morning off full of Gratitude. This 10 minute guided meditation will have you feeling wonderful as we focus on being grateful. A little spark of gratitude can develop into a wonderful expression of life. Give it a try and see just how great life is. Enjoy!

Binaural Beats: Theta Brainwave Frequencies

Binaural tones function at various frequencies and are made to easily allow your thoughts to reach different states. The Theta frequency level, which is one of the four main frequency types, are made to induce the patterns that your brain runs through during a deep sleep or deep meditative state.

Pyramid Meditation: The Most Powerful and Effective Way to De-Stress Yourself

What is meditation? Well, I think we all know that. The term “Meditation” is quite often associated with either highly learned spiritual gurus or it gives us the image of a monk-in-the-cave.

Learn to Meditate: Health Benefits of Meditation

Anxiety, depression, insomnia, high blood pressure, irritated bowel syndrome, erectile dysfunction, migraines, and fertility issues are just a few of the many stress-related illnesses that are becoming more prevalent in today’s society. Stressors suck away our life force like a parasite pilfering our sustenance, leaving us feeling depleted in ways we are often not fully aware of. Stressors are anything that throws your body out of balance. One of the most important health benefits of meditation is the profound effect it can have on your level of stress.

Meditation For Busy People

Meditation practice is perfect for people looking for some peace of mind and time to reflect. Unfortunately many people wrongly believe that they will never be able to find the time to practice Meditation so never even try. Contrary to popular belief Meditation does not always have to involve hours of practice, and short 10 minute meditations can often bring great benefits if done regularly.

Meditation: Affecting Factors and What to Expect From It

There are a lot of people who wonder how meditation helps in dealing with problems. Unlike crutches for a fractured leg utilized during the course of physical therapy, there is nothing concrete in meditation that people see, which leaves people puzzled. People know that the leg fracture got better once the patient walks straight and without crutches and casts. Expectations are what kill the momentum.

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