10 Minute Guided Meditation Everyone Needs to Practice

This is a guided meditation created for everyone to practice in just 10 minutes.

The Buddhist Meditation Technique

Buddhist meditation is a form of meditation that comes from the teachings of Buddha and the religion of Buddhism. Practitioners who are devout Buddhists practice meditation as a way to reach Nirvana as well as Enlightenment. These are not just Buddhists who are in the East but also in the West. In addition, many psychologists and psychiatrists use Buddhist meditation techniques to help with anxiety and depressive disorders.

The Yoga Meditation

Studies have shown that with this meditation practice, yoga meditation can really increase flow both energetically and with the blood which has resulted in healing of some individuals. What some forms of medication couldn’t do for them, yoga meditation has. Philosophically, yoga meditation also explores our reality and on how we construct ourselves with the mind on all levels that are related to Hindu philosophy, especially in consciousness and awakening.

The Chakra Clearing Meditations

The art of chakra clearing meditation helps you to become centered, balance, and clear by focusing on each of the eight chakras that are found within the body. It is a technique that is natural and practiced an as alternative healing therapy. The main purpose of it is to gain a healthy sense of well-being through clearing your mind and self-analysis with simple meditation techniques.

Chakra Clearing Meditation

Chakra mediation is a very simple form of meditation that anyone can perform. It involves the simple process of focusing on each chakra point on your body through a process of visualization. By doing this, we are trying to obtain balance and focus on the problems that each of the seven chakras we have might tell us, especially if they are blocked and we feel pain or stress associated with that area.

Daily Meditation Activities

You might find yourself wanting to think of other things or your mind becoming anxious as to the next thing you plan to do. If this happens, don’t worry, you will be able to calm your mind down and soon this anxiousness will not bother you and being in this state in the shower will become almost second nature to you and become part of your showering routine.

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