10 Minute Guided Meditation for a Positive Morning

This 10 Minute morning guided meditation with positive messages is a peaceful and loving way to start your day. Recognise through these positive messages that help you let go of whatever may be in your past to gain control on the reigns of your life, choosing a positive perspective. You have the power to shape your reality. Tap into your power to consciously co-create the reality you desire for yourself. Enjoy!

Meditation: The Healing Art of Meditation

Meditation is an Art. Learn how and why this art form creates Healing.

Buddhist Meditation Guides

As you’re in the process of learning the practice of true Buddhist meditation, you might seek the help of a sound and reliable Buddhist meditation guide. This guide could take the form of a book, a DVD or CD, a trained yoga or meditation teacher, or perhaps even a poem, novel or song that conveys inspirational themes. Regardless of its individual form, you need to discover a Buddhist meditation guide that will teach you the tricks of the trade, and in a thorough and totally effective manner.

Meditation Music – How to Meditate

There are differing opinions on meditation music and if it can actually help you to enter into the state of meditation or if it simply gets in the way. I believe that this depends a lot on the type of meditation you are doing or to be more specific on which method or technique you will be using to get into the state of meditation. There are the more strict techniques which are found in the more traditional schools such as zen or to a certain extent the traditional Buddhist meditations. These are not really that suitable for the use of music as the idea is to enforce a sort of nothingness. You have to simply allow any sort of thoughts or distractions appear in your mind and float away without you exploring them or becoming attached to them.

Reason to Meditate

Meditation is increasingly becoming popular in the modern world, and many experts have sworn by its effects in improving one’s physical, emotional and mental state. It has been recommended to those who are suffering from disorders such as anxiety, stress, trauma, and even sleep deprivation. Celebrities and sports professionals also recommend it as a way to calm and achieve peace of mind despite living in a world filled with pressure.

A Moment in Silence – About Meditation

Why is silence important in happiness? Silence and breathing combined can bring us to meditation which helps you reconnect to your soul, which in turn helps you feel happier all the time, amongst other miraculous benefits it creates.

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