10 Minute Guided Sleep Meditation (female voice)

A 10 minute guided sleep meditation spoken with a soft female voice, putting you into a calm and relaxing state for a good nights sleep. Let all your stress and anxiety go as you begin to go deeper and deeper into a beautiful nights rest. Enjoy!

The Real Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is helpful for mental equilibrium; for reducing anxiety, worry and sadness and much more. How does this happen? To understand the benefits of meditation we must understand the process.

Meditation – A Way To Attain Inner Peace And Joy

In today’s fast-paced world, a lot of people feel the impact of great stresses while fulfilling several expectations to attain their wondrous dreams. These expectations could either be from their supervisors at work or from their own selves. Most of the time, when stress is hard to endure, we always find ourselves flipping around. It affects our moods, attitudes and even our relationship with our loved ones. The more we do nothing to combat the threatening effects of various stresses, we become unhappy. Nowadays, a lot of people across all ages are doing meditation to make their minds calmer and focused. A short meditation everyday that will last for 5 minutes will help us find inner peace and tranquility. With the help of meditation, we can be more relaxed even if we are surrounded with different stressors.

Meditation – Be At Peace With Yourself

Meditation plays an important role in our lives. It simply acts as a genuine venue so we can find inner joy and peace. The longer the time we spent on meditation, the stronger and happier we become. When was the last time we spent peaceful time with ourselves? It may be ages ago, either months or days. However, taking time to forgive, love and talk to ourselves by meditating is a great source of relief from different stress and negative thoughts caused by loss of loved ones, break-ups, higher work demands and etc.

5 Keys to Start Your Meditation in a Good Way

As seen previously, meditation is an essential element for achieving inner peace and for revealing your highest potential. For many, meditation is a strange thing, an esoteric practice reserved for unusual characters. It is not.

How to Improve the Quality of Sleep for Healthy Living

One can improve the quality of sleep for healthy living by a set of simple actions such as Gyan Mudra, EFT and meditation. We discussed in our blog that meditation is not a substitute for adequate sleep. Based on our interaction with many people, there is a strong need for improving the quality of sleep.

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