10 Minute Manifestation Meditation

This 10 minute guided meditation for manifestation will help you tune into your co-creating energy, the same energy which created the universe around you. If you enjoyed exploring your co-creative manifesting energy, you can join us on our free live manifesting workshop this April 11th, 7pm EST. Register here: https://www.meditationmembers.com/register-april11

Practice Mindfulness Meditation and Relax More

Meditation helps you relax in stressful situations by training yourself to see troubling thoughts as what they really are: thoughts. It makes you perceive anxiety provoking thoughts as like any of the other neutral thoughts that you are having everyday.

The Art of Meditation In This Crazy World

No matter whether you recognize it you aren’t selecting the proper relaxation cushion can make a enormous distinction towards the good results of one’s deep breathing session. Almost all people when beginning on learning the method of relaxation will just sit to the ground and attempt to meditate without any support in any way. Nevertheless, trying to sustain the correct posture for any time period is fairly a challenge and can simply result in an unsuccessful yoga workout.

How To Select A Striker For Your Tibetan Singing Bowl or Meditation Gong

Singing bowls and meditation gongs are capable of producing beautiful sounds when played properly. However, just having the gong or bowl alone is not all it takes to make music. The striker, also known as the mallet, is an essential tool to playing your meditation gong, and it is important to select the right one to play with, especially if your singing bowl does not come with one in a set or if you are not satisfied with the one you currently have. Here are a few simple tips on how to go about the process of selecting a striker for your singing bowl.

Three Ways To Use Meditation Gongs

Meditation gongs are a tool that have been used for centuries for spiritual and healing purposes. Today, due to the relative ease of obtaining one and the convenient size of some of them, they can be used for many different spiritual tasks. Read on to find out three simple and easy ways to use these gongs.

Theta Meditation for a Perfect Coordination Between Body and Mind

Theta meditation aims at creating a perfect coordination between our body and mind. This meditation technique releases the theta waves that ensure a relaxed stage for our brain and perfect peace for our mind.

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