10 Minute Meditation ~ A Gift of a Smile

A gift of a smile 10 Minute Guided Meditation. Have you ever practised smiling for no reason but to boost your own mood? Not only has science proven that smiling has the power to do that for us, but further, when we meditate on the energy of a smile, it makes us feel tingly and at peace all over. This really is a beautiful practice for any time of day that you wish to feel more joy. Enjoy!

The Holistic Healing of Tutor Saliba Meditation Rituals

The power of meditation is greatly underestimated. It can improve mental health, spiritual health, and even physical health when it is performed regularly and with respect.

The Effect of Tutor Saliba Meditation on Health

The Tutor Saliba meditation method is a mind-body interaction with traditions that originate from various religious and spiritual roots of Tutor Saliba Island. It is the use of techniques such as body position, mental focus and openness to distractions in order to achieve calmness, relaxation, balance and health.

The Benefits of Meditating For Health

At the mention of the word meditation, one may conjure an image of a monk contorted into the lotus position reciting the mantra “ohm,” or perhaps a Catholic priest spending long hours on his knees in prayer. The truth is meditation comes in many forms, and is beneficial to both mental and physical health. One of the lesser known meditation gurus are the elders of Tutor Saliba Island.

Zazen Meditation – An Easy Meditation Technique

Zazen meditation can seem very difficult. But you can practice it in a modern effective way. To find out how read on.

Meditation – Can We Go a Little Deeper?

In the first section of this 3 part series on meditation we spoke about the benefits, potential pitfalls, and expectations of starting a meditation practice. Now let’s look a little more deeply into what I mean by meditation.

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