10 Minute Meditation for Before You Sleep

Calm your mind before you get into bed, this 10 minute guided meditation is perfect before sleep. As you connect to your breath and body, your mind begins to unwind, allowing a peaceful place for you to gently drift away into good nights sleep. Enjoy!

Meditation Forms and Traditions

There are many forms and traditions of meditation, as well as various ways or positions in which a person may meditate (usually a part of a particular tradition, although often simply the way an individual finds it easiest to relax and meditate through/ in). The one thing they all have in common is the focus on relaxing and quietening the mind.

Meditation Made Easy For Beginners

Meditation is often thought of as a religious practice but while it can be used as part of religious worship, you don’t need to believe in higher powers to meditate. Meditation provides a means of cultivating the spirit.

Can I Really Meditate Even If I Am Not Suitable For Meditation?

Simply put, meditation IS for everyone. No matter where you are coming from, no matter what your background is (education, social status, personal history, earning power, gender and age), you can learn meditation just like the next door neighbor who is boasting about all those great benefits that he got from his meditation practice.

How to Begin With Meditation

Meditation is a mental practice used to get beyond the thinking mind into a deeper state of awareness. A common form of meditation is concentration meditation. This is the easiest for beginners to do. Part of the idea of meditation is to develop concentration so that you can control distractions. The meditator tries to keep one’s mind on a single point of focus. The point of focus could be a short repetitive prayer, one’s breath, a breath count, qi energy flows, or anything else.

Meditation: A Self Improvement Staple

On the way to self discovery, there are many people who rely on Meditation as a means of relaxation and clarity of the mind. Often, it is in this state of relaxation that we examine ourselves, our lives and the world around us. There are many different ways to Meditate, but the common denominator for all of these ways is relaxation and reflection.

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