10 Minute Meditation for Loving Kindness

This 10 minute guided meditation for loving kindness will have you replenished by the love of the Universe. When we tap into unconditional love and fill ourselves up first, we can then extend it out to every living being. This loving kindness meditation will help you feel the power of love, kindness, truth and compassion. Give it a try and let us know how you feel. Enjoy!

Meditating In Circles? Try Straight Line Meditation

Think of meditation as a mountain climb. Your goal is the summit. The fastest route to the goal is a straight line, but meditation wanders. Introduced here is a feedback method; meditation that guides you straight to your goal.

Why Young People Especially Need to Sit in Meditation for a Little Bit Every Day

Young and restless, so the name of the soap opera goes. There is no need to be young and restless though. You can be young and conquer restlessness with ease if you put yourself up to it. I am twenty six and I am just now, after five years of meditating, starting to become a little less restless.

Meditation Binaural Beats – Reaching Deep Levels of Zen

It’s no secret. Meditation is becoming the most well known practices for improving your life, improving your health, raising your IQ level, and becoming a conscious human being on a never ending path of personal development. More and more scientist are agreeing that the benefits of meditation are enormous and doctors around the globe are recommending it to their patients. But with all of these new scientific findings and old philosophies telling us the power of meditation, why isn’t everyone doing it? If you’ve ever attempted to try it out then you already know the answer to that.

Meditation – Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation benefits every aspect of our lives and this article discusses the importance of the goal. The ultimate benefit of the practice of mindfulness meditation being the insight into the actual nature of the mind and of all experience.

Meditation Benefits – Your Guide To Pure Bliss

How would you like a way to reduce your stress levels, become more productive, improve your health, and reduce any pain you may be experiencing? And how would you like to achieve all of this while doing absolutely nothing for about 20 minutes each day?

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