10 Minute Meditation for Transformation

This 10 minute guided meditation for transformation will help you to discover just how limitless you truly are. Go beyond your everyday limiting beliefs, and you will connect with a deeply magical sense of wonder and creativity. Go ahead and explore all the greatness that lays within… Enjoy!

Relax – Meditation Is Easy (3 Simple Steps to Begin Your Meditation Practice)

Meditation strengthens the connection between your subtle body and your earthly body. Practicing regularly creates peace within so you can receive your inner guidance, direction, and all of the good that is coming your way.

Free Meditation MP3’s – Comprising All Essential Practices of Meditation

Undoubtedly, Meditation has become one of the most popular practices used to relax and calm mind, body and soul. Free Meditation MP3’s are available in the market, comprising all essential techniques to relieve you from all your anxieties, stresses of modern day life, connect with guidance or to just balance and maintain your energy.

What Is Mindfulness?

How to know and work with your mind using mindfulness-based approaches Today many of us are struggling with stress. Feeling a sense of powerlessness, feeling overwhelmed by all we have to do, a lack of confidence, no time, financial worries.

What Meditation Does to You

The mind is not a separate function or entity of the body. It is connected to the body. This means that to quiet the mind will require to quiet the body.

Meditation Made Easy!

Every morning I wake up at around 4:10 a.m. to enjoy the gift of Silence. My students’ surprise when they get to know is sincerely interesting.:-) I have meditated since I was a teenager, long before I knew what meditation really was. Years of kind of mortifying myself because a feeling of not being good enough for meditating were just the right contrast to attract a better understanding of me and Me. I am finally back to experiencing the astonishing power of meditating, but this time made easy, really easy… and feeling awesome life and all there is for me!

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