10 minute meditation guided my angels

This 10 minute guided meditation will allow you to open up, connecting with, and receiving guidance from your garden angel, a spirit guide, or a group of angles looking over you. Open up and receive… Enjoy!

The Art Of Meditation And How It Can Help You

Meditation involves making sure that the mind is free to think. The clutter that accumulates in the mind can be considerable, especially if it is not cleared out quickly enough or thoroughly enough – even back then, they divided the body into seven chakras or centers. The aura or auric body is a field of energy that people cannot see but can become more aware of it through specific meditation techniques.

Meditation for a Better, Healthier Lifestyle

If you feel frazzled by the monotony of the daily grind and wish you could get rid of all the stress-filled thoughts in your head, perhaps it’s time to consider meditation. Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘medha,’ which means wisdom, it is a state of consciousness, where the mind is emptied of repetitive thought patterns and distractions. It is the natural outcome of practicing yoga successfully, has a calming effect on the observer and is proven to soothe the stressful mind.

Ways on How to Choose the Best Meditation Music for You

Meditation is one of the oldest ways to finding serenity and removing stress and has been practiced by different people all over the world. Most of the time, meditation is accompanied by music to maximize its relaxing capacity. The widespread use of this relaxation technique has given rise to the use of different kinds of music. Choosing the best meditation music for you depend on your preferred style of meditation. Here is some of the music that is usually helpful.

Meditation For Quieting the Mind and Living in the Present

Meditation has been used for thousands of years and there are many different ways of meditation. Training the mind to be in the present can transform your life into something magical.

The Top 3 Meditation Techniques You Can Learn At Home

Learning how to meditate has never been easier. By choosing between one of the three top meditation types, you will be able to start the journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

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