10 Minute Meditation ~ Guided

This 10 Minute Guided Meditation just might change your life.

Monitor Your Progress With a Meditation Log

A meditation log can be as simple as recording basic facts and comments, or it can take the form of a journal that records and explores the feelings and impressions experienced during a meditation session. Some people even have blogs that allow them to discuss their comments with others.

Qigong Meditation: Ancient Yet Actual and Effective

Qigong meditation is one of the most ancient forms of meditation that we know. The fact that it has survived until today alone is plenty to confirm its value. Something that hangs around for that long (over 3000 years) is undeniably worth a little bit of time learning about it.

Meditation Shows You Yourself

Meditation shows you yourself and all your inner and outer restlessness. It is a flawless guide to your ego’s attempts to fail you in becoming your true self, learning to live from the stillness of compassion, centering, learning and practicing inner guidance and cultivating inner peace. Meditation is the dependable link to your source and self-abiding truth; it is the essential spiritual practice for all serious aspirants on the spiritual path, because it urges you towards awakening to transcendence, and ultimately to the divine.

How to Incorporate Meditation Into Your Busy Life

For its well-documented benefits of improved health and emotional equilibrium, many people become interested in meditation but find it too difficult. But there is a way to incorporate meditation into your life easily and enjoy the scientifically proven benefits.

Five Tips for Better Meditation

During Yoga sessions, meditation is usually practiced near the end of class. Some Yoga teachers are very strict about the exact procedure, while others take a more casual approach. In “The Journey of Awakening: A Meditator’s Guidebook,” Ram Dass – American psychologist and spiritual teacher – discusses the many kinds of meditation, how the process works, and what its benefits are.

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