10 Minute Meditation to Clear Your Mind

This is a great 10 minute guided meditation to help clear your mind. The female voice presented in this meditation will sure to comfort you as you relax and let go. Give it a try and let us know how you feel. Enjoy!

Why Coloring Mandalas Can Make Your Day Better

Modern life is busy. Our bodies and mine are under constant attack, loaded with distractions. Coloring Mandalas releases this burden and sets us free to enjoy our day.

How To Play Tibetan Singing Bowls – Advanced Techniques

Learning the basics of how to play a Tibetan singing bowl is a relatively easy process, but this instrument is capable of producing even more varied and interesting sounds with the right technique. The wah-wah technique and the water technique are two methods that will make playing your Tibetan singing bowl a more enjoyable and interesting experience.

What Everyone Needs To Know About Meditation Gongs

Meditation gongs are an exotic and little-understood instrument for some of us in Western culture. This instrument has been in use since ancient times for several different functions. Meditation gongs have an interesting and varied history and are a unique type of instrument.

How to Make Your Gurus Head Spin: Tell Him About Feedback

Mind’s uncontrolled wandering has plagued meditation for centuries. All the while a solution was right before our eyes – a solution so simple it makes your head spin. Explained here is the how to of meditation minus the wandering: the feedback meditation method.

Guide to Meditation: 8 Tips for Inner Peace!

Are you tired of trying to find that calm center? That quiet mind through meditation? But, having no success?

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