10 Minute Meditation to Feel Your Best

This 10 minute guided meditation will have you feeling your best like you were sitting on top of the world. Feeling your best can be generated from within, and with a little help from some visualisations, you can create these feelings without effort. Give it a try, let us know how you feel. Enjoy!

Mastering Meditation in the ‘Body, Mind, Spirit Integrator’

I devote all writings, discoveries, and material to my master teacher Leas Maria. In all gratitude, loyalty, and from the bottom of my heart – the one she helped me to open. May I strive to uphold the standards for truth and integrity in this work. May I earn the right to lead others from suffering! A note to the reader. I began this work over nearly 4 years ago. The following entry is from an unspecified date. These observations were made towards the beginning of my internal practices. More direct experience work will follow. These are simply recordings, memories, and notations from the past.

Easy Ways to Meditate

New students of meditation (and a lot of experienced students as well) are always looking for easy ways to meditate. The best way to make meditation easy, is to begin to look at your life as a meditation! Start to find ways to bring a little more awareness and presence to every moment.

Meditate and Be Guided

Meditation involves the inner sight of oneself. It does not requires us to enroll ourselves to a fitness gym in order to be physiologically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually well, as it is said to be the heart of the benefits on meditation. Meditation is as powerful thing as we though it could be because even in the internet we can find thousands of articles mentioning on benefits of meditation. And since we are focusing on the inner aspect of a person (excluding the external to be specific), “What are some benefits of meditation we know?”

Meditation Techniques for Beginners That Yield Great Results

Maintaining mental balance, reducing anxiety, as well as distress and sadness, can be achieved through meditation. How is that possible? Well, in order for us to really appreciate the benefits of meditation, we need to recognize how it runs its course.

Feel God With Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation is more motives leaning. The process has more to do, to be more specific, it helps in forming a closer bonding with God and a closer indulgence of self. It is much better thought out in terms of methodology.

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