10 minute mindfulness meditation

Become aware as you simply sit with your breath using this 10 minute mindfulness guided meditation. observe the flow of your thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations; observing them without judgement, and let what ever is, be as it is.

Great Meditation Tips for Everyone

Whether you are new to meditation or have years of practice behind you, at some point you will be curious about the many different ways that can be used to improve and enhance what you are doing. Maybe you have looked into different visual aids, props and audio aids and now you want more information about other enhancements. There are many different ways to enhance the quality of the time that you spend meditating as well as the results that you get out of your practice.

Meditate to Improve Your Health

Studies have proven that regular meditation can improve not only your psychic health but also your physical health. In the late 1960s, Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School conducted scientific studies to test the health benefits of meditation. He determined that meditation could be used successfully in treating physiological problems, like high blood pressure, heart disease, migraine headaches, and auto-immune diseases, such as diabetes and arthritis.

Can You Practice Meditation On Your Own?

Meditation is simply a process of focusing your mind on something that can create a sense of awareness. It can simply mean listening to sounds that create images of calmness in the mind or even listening to the flow of your breathing.

Morning Meditation: Starting the Day Off Peacefully

Morning meditation is a wonderful way to start a new day. Every time we wake up we have echoes that resonate in our mind from the dreams that entered during our sleep.

Meditation Helps With Multiple Sclerosis

Meditation is a wonderful way to improve your life. I would like to encourage everyone to meditate twice, daily. Typical times to meditate are in the morning, right after you wake up and again in the evening just before bed. Studies have shown that there are definite benefits regarding meditation and treating the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

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