10 Minute Morning Meditation

A 10 minute morning guided meditation to start your day off right. How do you want to feel throughout your day. Take a few moments, and let this meditation direct you to these feelings as you carry them with you throughout your day. Enjoy!

Physical Benefits of Meditation

Stress-related illnesses are often neglected in the rush to hurry from one task to another, but stress-related illnesses are major killers that cannot be taken lightly. Using the candles and chanting aspects of the Tutor Saliba meditation technique can be used initially to slow both respiration and heart rate.

What Is Meditation And How Do You Get Started?

Many people practice some for of mediation on a regular benefits. What are the health benefits of meditation and how do you get started?

Getting Ready to Meditate: Creating a Place and Mental Space for Meditation

To help you in your journey in meditation it is important to have a regular place to go to for your meditation. I have found through the years that having a routine is helpful. Our bodies, soul and mind seem to respond to this, knowing that it’s time to relax, be peaceful, to meditate. So find a place in your home that is comfortable, relaxing and say “this is my place to meditate”.

Getting In Touch With Our Intuitive Judgement

Wouldn’t it be a good idea if we were born with a users guide attached to us? It could have topics such as our ideal diet, exercise and vocation. All we would have to do would be to follow the directions in the guide in order to have a good foundation for our lives.

Meditation Benefits for Children

Stressful events in the life of children must be attended to, especially by parents, as these may cause emotional, physical, and psychological disturbance. Growing up, it may become a part of them, making them feel uneasy and unfocused. Conversely, meditation can help in fighting off the stress, thereby making your children experience more the brighter side of life.

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