10 Minute Morning Spiritual Awakening Guided Meditation

Wake up your Spirit using this 10 minute Morning Guided Meditation. Connect to your Higher Self and Start the Day off Right!
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New Scientific Studies Find Numerous Health Benefits to Meditation

Mindfulness meditation techniques can be a powerful way for individuals to improve their brain power and promote bodily health. Centuries of experience has shown that these methods are among the most effective for living a healthy, fulfilled life. Now, scientific investigation is bearing out these benefits.

Meditation Techniques: What Is The Best Meditation For You?

What is the best meditation technique for you? It is much easier to find than you realize (the secret is revealed in the fourth sentence of this article).

3 Benefits of Mediation That COULD Change Your Life (They Definitely Did Mine!)

If you are looking for a few good reasons to start mediating, I’ve written THIS article with YOU in mind! Why? Because in my experience, most people won’t take action on trying something new until they are 100% sure that the benefits, or the results, are WELL worth the time, effort and energy it takes to make them happen.

Mindfulness Meditation – How to Mine Your Past for Creative Gold

In our headlong rush to create a new, supposedly better reality for ourselves, there is a great danger of reinforcing a pervasive belief that what we have now isn’t good enough. Such an attitude is counter-productive and a sure recipe for unhappiness. But this constant focus on the future also causes us to ignore a potential source of creative gold: memories of happy experiences from our past. And those memories should not be overlooked, for their vividness in our minds gives them an extra creative potential that wishful thoughts about an imaginary future often lack.

Shaktipat Meditation: The 4 Essential Elements of a Successful Daily Meditation Practice

Shaktipat makes meditation come alive. Leave behind the burdensome feeling of drudgery that often accompanies trying to maintain a daily practice. Meditation becomes joyful pleasure because you advance quickly through higher and higher levels to peaceful bliss. Learn the 4 essential ingredients of a successful practice and the 5 types of practice that you can choose from.

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