5 Minute Affirmations for Positive Thinking Guided Meditation

This 5-minute positive thinking guided meditation with affirmations also utilises a self-energy healing to help you realign your mind with a divinely positive outlook. This truly is a perfect 5-min pick-me-up! Give it a try and let us know how you feel. Enjoy!

Get Rid of Bad Dreams Through Meditation

Nightmares-who really wants them in the middle of the night? For others they are just dreams. However there are also people who cannot easily distinguish their bad dreams from realities, especially if they hit close to home. Thus, they wake up in the morning, feeling very apprehensive and distressed. Some of them may even suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and never be able to get back to bed.

How to Breathe Properly During Meditation

Just how important breathing is during meditation? Very. One of the main advantages of proper breathing is getting your entire body and mind fully relaxed. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to keep a clear mind. You will immediately be bothered by the noises around you or even the worries and uncertainties clouding your mind.

How to Sleep Well With the Help of Meditation

Sleeping disorders are very common. Close to 50 percent of the entire adult population experience insomnia. More than 55 percent, on the other hand, develop chronic sleeping disorder, which means there are definitely a lot of days when they are fully awake and sleep very little.

Keeping Your Health in Check Through Meditation

Do you know that meditation doesn’t just provide ease of mind, but it can also keep you healthy? In fact, it is highly recommended by world-renowned doctors to their patients who are suffering from very serious illnesses, from cancer to cardiovascular diseases.

The Many Benefits of Meditation Today

There’s definitely one good reason why meditations should be made part of your life: it brings about plenty of benefits. Moreover, the advantages affect not only your mental health but also your physical and even spiritual health.

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