5 Minute Manifestation Meditation (Guided Meditation)

Manifesting whatever it is you desire using this powerful 5 minute guided meditation. In just five minutes, you can put yourself into a creative frequency allowing you to co-create the life you always imagined. Give it a try, and let us know what you think… Enjoy!

All About Meditation

Meditation is the excellent technique that makes your mind relaxed. If regularly done for some hours you are sure to attain the power that brings your mind under your control. The stress and strains of the mundane day to day life are sure to bid adieu and your mind is filled with a heavenly pleasure that helps you too to do everything with the aid of reason.

The Benefits and Practice of Meditation: Part 1

Most of us live in a perpetual state of doing, doing, doing: creating lists, striving, working hard, reaching for goals, running on empty. Cultivating the capacity for stillness in the midst of your busy day can yield enormous benefits. The ability to be still… can nourish and sustain the mind and body in ways that might seem hard to fathom.

What Should We Know About Identifying Medications?

Taking the wrong pill can be a live threatening situation. Even though your medication is refilled on a regular basis and you are familiar with the pharmacist you should still check each prescription when it is filled.

Can Meditation Improve My Immune System?

A question frequently asked by those interested in the health benefits of meditation: can meditation improve my immune system? The simple answer is yes. Meditation improves your immune system in 3 primary ways.

Meditation in Other Cultures

Meditation is a universal human experience found in many cultures throughout the world and it is practiced by most major religions, schools of philosophies and mystics. Meditation is a very large part of the ancient school of yoga, which has profoundly affected other cultures. It just happens to be that yoga is the oldest method of meditation and the most documented.

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