5 Minute Meditation for Anxiety

A short 5 minute guided meditation to help you if you are feeling any anxiety. You will be lead to follow your breath, slowing your pace and acknowledge the anxious feelings without judging them. By the end you should be feeling more calm and relaxed. Bring this peacefulness with you throughout your day…. Enjoy.

Beginner Meditation Tips

Meditation is getting more and more popular in the Western countries as people are realizing the benefits they are getting through relaxing their mind and body. Sure, some people prefer fitness, however this constant movement is not for everyone. And this is where meditation comes to the rescue.

Past Life Regression Hypnosis: How It Works

You heard it many times before. An accountant turns out to be a tax collector during the 1900s. The mother of two was actually a beauty queen during the 1920s.

Meditation for Beginners

In a sense mediation is always for beginners, because every time you meditate you are beginning the process again, not just as a new experience, but as a new entry into the world of awareness that meditation brings. This isn’t just about wordplay. The whole process of meditating is to bring about anew level of awareness, a new insight into who we are as people, a new and fresh beginning, that’s what it does, even if we are not always aware of it.

Meditation Techniques – How Many Are There?

This is a frequently asked question, because there are so many different ways to meditate and so many different meditation tradition, that not only can it be really confusing, but there is a sort of assumption that because there are so many, there must be some that are better than others, or some that re good and some that are bad, or just better for certain people than others. This is always a problem when you have a term like meditation, which in fact is a catch all term for a number of similar but differing techniques, all of…

Guided Meditation – What Is It?

The term ‘a guided meditation’ often crops up in the world of the spirit, and its important it needs to be clarified and explained. Meditation, however you do it, is ultimately about a sense of freedom, primarily the freedom to explore your own inner world, and create a level of self awareness that is a doorway into real freedom. Part of the discovery of that freedom is the fact that finding out for yourself what your path or your journey is, is a key part of it.

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