5 Minute Meditation for Gratitude (guided meditation)

Taking 5 minutes out of your day using this short guided meditation will leave you feeling full of gratitude. You will be amazed how grateful you are, and how positive it leaves you feeling. Enjoy!

Meditation for Beginners: Top Tip To Meditate Like A Monk in Minutes

Meditation for beginners can be done easily with one simple trick. Once you have discovered it, you’ll quickly be able to get into a mindful meditation to relieve stress as well as have found an excellent meditation for anxiety relief. This article gives you that trick as well as more resources for starting your meditation process like a pro.

Becoming Aware of Your Body

We are trained by society to be “in our heads.” Our thoughts are often scattered. When we’re talking to one person, we are thinking of something else.

Spanking The Monkey Mind And Experimenting With An OBE

Meditation is challenging and the monkey mind is something that nearly everyone who has tried deals with. This is a story about those experiences and some thoughts in how to deal with those challenges. Further, it adds a personal story of a rather intense meditation that had some interesting results and how that was achieved.

The Benefits of Meditation – Five Immediate Benefits Even Beginners Can Enjoy

We often hear about the benefits of meditation, and there are many. However, the benefits of meditation are often quite subtle, and do not show themselves immediately. Also, meditation practice take a bit of getting used to, since most people are just not used to sitting silently and doing what seems like nothing.

Christian Meditation, Sacred Silence

Are you a Christian who would like to know how to enjoy the benefits of meditation, but are afraid to try it because you believe it is not compatible with Christianity? If so would you like to see what the gospels have to say on the subject?

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