5 Minute Meditation for Morning Anxiety

This 5 minute guided meditation was designed to use first thing in the morning as soon as you begin to feel anxious. Anxiety can become a major problem in your day to day life, and meditation can be a great choice to help you along the way. Enjoy!

Easing Stress Spiritually And Naturally

Stress! How would you like to leave all stress behind with an effective tool that you already have access to? Bring Meditation, exercise and creativity into your daily regime and feel relaxed immediately.

Managing Stress With Active Easy Meditation Techniques

These days, when the pressure is on, I find it difficult to just sit and meditate, so I find I need to manage some stress with active and easy meditation techniques. Somehow – perhaps also due to too much sitting down – the body has tightened up with it and this body/mind ‘armour’ just does not ‘want’ to sit still until I have released its blockages, released its uneasiness. Many years ago, I came across these active easy meditation techniques whose practice changed my life at the time from a being with a tight body into a free-er, looser, easier and more flowing person.

Meditation Techniques for Beginners – Persisting When the Going Gets Tough

The discipline of meditation is similar to any other discipline, in that it can be easy to start, but difficult to maintain over time. Using just a few simple techniques will increase your chances of enjoying the lifelong benefits of this wonderful practice.

Buddhist Yoga Meditation

A steady regime of Buddhist yoga meditation will bring you much success and happiness, and bring you many benefits. Indeed, it could even change or perhaps save your life. Many people who practice meditation also do yoga, and that’s no surprise; the two disciplines share a number of related characteristics.

Meditate Your Way to a Happier You

Often, medical science is able to identify what causes many of the problems that we deal with. There are some conditions, however that are very common and it is a mystery why we have them in the first place.

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