5 Minute Meditation to Boost Your Mood

A great five minute guided meditation to help you boost your mood. looking for a little mental pick me up, then try this short meditation that was designed to put you into a great mood by the time you finish. Give it a try and let us know how you feel… Enjoy!

Yoga, Karma, Stress & Namasmaran

One of the enigmas of Geeta (Gita) philosophy is NISHKAMA KARMA, which means action without expectation of a particular result. This is interpreted differently and as per one’s convenience; but due to this there is wide spread confusion and of course; STRESS!

Deep Meditation Techniques For An Extra Deep Meditative Experience

Once they’ve meditated a few times, a lot of people decide that they want to explore deep meditation techniques to help make their meditation experience even better. Here are a few ideas to deepen your meditation.

Body Scan Meditation Technique – Using It to Free Your Body From Stress

Do you sometimes feel that there’s so much stress built up in your body and you just don’t know how to relax? If you’re like most people, the answer is yes. In this article, we’d like to describe an advanced technique in mindfulness meditation, referred to as the body scan, which is a wonderful way to let go of that stress and truly relax.

Meditation and How To Learn A Simple Technique That Will Improve Your Health

Today, most people have become accustomed to keep our minds and thoughts in progress during almost all our waking hours. We work, we read, we watch television and we engage in discussion and entertainment. We are almost constantly doing something, or on our way to do something.

Top Reasons to Seek Out a Teacher When Beginning Meditation

Finding a teacher to help with meditation is important. A teacher helps with many things. They help with technique, answer questions and just the teachers presence are all important.

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