5 Minute Meditation to Clear Your Mind

This 5 minute guided meditation will help you clear your mind. Designed to be used whenever you need to hit the reset button. Feel fresh and new in just 5 minutes. Enjoy!

How To Meditate For Beginners – Silence For One Day

There will never be a perfect time to be silent for a day. Women often cave in the face of opposition; real, projected or imaginary. The emotional impact will be that you feel you are withholding from the group and not included. Do not, however, apologize or make excuses for meditation.

The Number One Mistake That Meditation Beginners Make

Far too many people give up on meditation soon after they start, not because they didn’t enjoy themselves, but because they fell victim to one of the most common misperceptions about what meditation actually is. What is this insidious misperception?

Mindful Eating – Controlling Your Weight and Feeling Great About It

Do you ever feel that your eating is out of control and that maintaining your optimal weight is a hopeless task? Have you tried all kinds of diets but can’t seem to keep the weight off? Mindful eating may be the key that will finally allow you to be in control of your weight.

Meditation Music To Add Appeal To Meditation

In present day, people are caught with daily tasks, work and responsibilities. Especially with city goers, their life is within the buzz of the fast-paced city environment. With this, comes a particular feeling of stress, pressure and anxiety that most people are experiencing. Exercise and a healthy lifestyle may work to ease these negative feelings but a number of people are beginning to enjoy the benefits of meditation and meditation music.

How To Meditate And The Benefits Of Meditating

It is possible to meditate in many ways. Each of these methods has almost the same results. When someone wants to learn how to meditate they can take a look at the different methods and choose the system that suits them best. A simple way to meditate is by applying the breathing meditation. Just find a place where you can be quiet and where other people can not disturb you. Take deep breaths. They have to be deeper, longer and slower than when you are normally breathing. An additional tip can be to try to hold your breath for a few seconds and then releasing it slowly.

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