5 Minute Mindfulness Meditation

This is a great 5 minute guided mindfulness meditation to use when you are short on time, but still want to get into a mindful state of mind. Even five minutes can produce major benefits, give it a try… Enjoy!

Meditation Reduces Stress

The best way to meditate and reduce stress is by clearing your mind and taking a few simple breaths to get you back on track. This action is calming to your mind and takes you to a place where you can think clearer and direct your thoughts down on the right path. The choices you make each moment are important and this is a good way to reduce stress while lightly meditating.

How Meditation Can Help Us Alleviate Our Fears, Anxieties and Worries

When you meditate, the key of meditation is to focus on your breath because that is the only thing happening right here, right now. You may have a mantra, a prayer word, visualize or use a guided meditation, but the key to any meditation is to be in the here and the now.

Meditation – Get A Game Advantage

Meditation is a fantastic tool to enhance your workouts and your life for a balanced stress-less life! Meditation regulates blood pressure, slows breathing and increases oxygen uptake, alleviates physical pain, stress and tension, calms the mind and opens doors to worlds of peace, relaxation and happiness that will lead to a more successful, less stressful life. Sounds good right! So what is meditation really? In recent years meditation has been scientifically proven to have marked positive physical and mental effects. Put simply, Meditation is a practical tool to train the brain and body into stillness and peacefulness. Its purpose is to seek out and discover the true person within, the heart of the soul where infinite potential resides…and then…to enable us to USE that potential and create the life we want.

Meditation – A Few Advantages

If you ponder over the fact, even tiniest and simplest of the simple things can help you enrich your life a great deal. Meditation, inexpensive and not that time-consuming, is one of such practices which can have a great impact on you. Broadly speaking, the reason why meditation should be a part of your life is that your life in its absence is a big turmoil or mess, while its presence brings about smoothness and peace. I am listing down here a few advantages of meditation which may help you in relaxing your body and mind to a great extent.

Sleep Meditation – Medication for Sleeping Disorders

Sleeplessness may result from a variety of reasons. Both physiological problems and psychological factors can be blamed for the sleeping disorder. Regular practice of sleep meditation tames the worries, tones down the anger and tears away the sticky web of trauma and troubles. As a result, insomnia gets cured.

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