7 Meditation Apps That Are Less Expensive (and Better) Than Headspace and Calm


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Headspace and Calm are the juggernauts in the meditation apps sphere. They have actually done an excellent task bringing mindfulness-based meditation to the masses. Their apps make it much easier for anybody to get the abilities to assist unwind, and even handle problems like stress and anxiety and anxiety.

At $100/ year, they sure do cost a lot. And due to the fact that they are so popular, their programs can be rather generic.

If you have actually attempted Headspace prior to and discovered it didn’t work for you, you ought to understand that there is an universe of specific niche meditation apps for you to check out. Experiment with a few of these options to see which one works finest for you.

Smiling Mind.

If you’re trying to find a totally free option to Headspace, begin with Smiling Mind. It’s established by an Australian not-for-profit company, and the app is totally free (there’s not even a premium tier available).

The app uses structured programs for discovering mindfulness meditation, sleep, relationships, tension, consuming, and more. The “Introduction to Mindfulness” course is an excellent location to begin.

You can likewise utilize one-off directed meditations that consist of breath and sounds meditation, body-scan meditation, sleep meditation, and more.

Smiling Mind is readily available for iOS and Android.

Plum Town.

Thich Nhat Hanh is a Vietnamese monk who began an abbey in France called Plum Town. He is likewise the author of numerous popular mindfulness books like No Mud, No Lotus. Plum Town has actually hosted lots of mindfulness programs, workshops, and talks.

The Plum Town app lets you explore this wealth of info from your smart device. You get access to meditations (some by Thich Nhat Hanh himself), talks, text resources, and videos. Plus, the whole app is entirely totally free.

The Plum Town app is offered for iOS and Android.

Insight Timer.

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Insight Timer is a community-based mindfulness meditation app and site. In an app like Headspace, you basically have access to a couple of meditation instructors. On Insight Timer, there are countless meditation instructors to pick from. You can even enlist in neighborhoods that practice mindfulness and meditation together.

The complimentary variation of the app uses more than 100,000 meditations, and access to live occasions where you can practice mediation with individuals from worldwide. The app arranges meditations in various classifications, and you’ll discover various meditations for handling stress and anxiety, tension, sleep, and so on.

The very best feature of Insight Timer is the reality that it does not limit you. You can check out and discover instructors and courses that fit your present requirements.

Insight Timer has a Member Plus program that provides you access to more than 1,000 unique courses and offline downloads for $60/ year, however it’s not needed to get the most out of the app.

Insight Timer is offered for iOS and Android.

10 Percent Better.

10 Percent Better is not a less expensive option to Headspace or Calm (yearly subscription is $99), however it’s definitely much better when it concerns targeted meditation training.

The app curates a choice of varied instructors, that assistance you practice mindfulness. There are more than 500 assisted meditations in the app.

What makes this one stand apart is its 1:1 meditation mentor program. If you attempted Headspace however weren’t able to practice meditation, possibly discovering straight from a meditation instructor can assist.

10 Percent Better is offered for iOS and Android.

Getting up by Sam Harris.

Awakening by Sam Harris is a various type of meditation app. It’s in fact more like a meditation course. It’s based upon Sam’s book of the very same name, in which he speaks about awakening your spirituality even if you are not spiritual.

Awakening takes the aspects of Buddhism, Stoicism, and mindfulness meditation to develop a 28- day long course. All you need to do is invest 10 approximately minutes on the practice every day. The $99/ year subscription is definitely not more affordable than Headspace, however if you’re attempting to check out the mindfulness meditation area, try the 28- day newbie’s course– you can utilize the program for one month for $1499

Awakening is readily available for iOS and Android.


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Free is a meditation app produced by and for the Black neighborhood and individuals of color in basic. If you do not discover the Headspace or Calm experience relatable, have a look at Liberate.

Free functions assisted meditations, talks, workshops, and courses led by POC instructors. The app provides a distinct cultural point of view when it concerns mindfulness. It assists users handle the injury that is contextual to the black neighborhood. The app integrates talks about the Black Lives Matter motion.

Free is readily available for iOS and Android.


Do not wish to spend for an app membership to practice meditation? You do not need to. YouTube is filled with terrific resources to assist you practice meditation. Simply look for meditations for relaxing, stress and anxiety, or tension. YouTube is likewise a terrific resource for finding out breathing methods, and for listening to mindfulness talks.

Reddit has some suggestions for discovering great channels, and here are a few of our favorites to assist you start:.

MindfulPeaceInsight Meditation CenterPlum VillageTara BrachYoga with Adriene.
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