A Gift to Yourself (10 Minute Guided Meditation)

This 10 minute guided meditation is a true gift you can only give to yourself. Use this 10 min self love meditation to feel at home and safe in your body – to return to yourself as your own dearest love in life. Enjoy!

Breathing Treatment For Natural Stress Relief

When you learn how to improve breathing and how to combine better breathing with meditation, you have found an excellent way to reduce stress and foster good health. Regular practice of this technique will lead to a reduced risk of contracting many of the common stress related diseases such as cancer and heart problems.

How to Be Sure Exercise Reduces Your Stress

We’re all told that exercise is good for us. That it reduces stress. Makes us less likely to have a heart attack. But that might not always be the case for many of us. Either we don’t exercise at all or we do it in the wrong way and get little benefit. Find out what you can do to to make exercise work for you.

No Joke, How to Think Better

This is a health, fitness and meditation article, although it is a very unique one: This article is about how to be more focused, honest with yourself, and more direct in what you do. It is why I am using the title “No Joke, How to Think Better.” Sure, there are many other things I was thinking of calling this article. But this title fit, let me explain why in the next few sentences.

Meditation For Busy People

Meditation can help you deal with the stress of everyday life. It can calm your mind and increase your ability to live each day to the fullest.

What is the Ki in Aikido?

The basic theory behind Aikido is the use of ki. But what is ki and how can it be used in our lives? Most if not all martial arts depend upon strength, agility, timing, and speed. These are usually channeled through some sort of technique such as punching, kicking, blocking, dodging and so on. But what about Aikido?

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