A Mindfulness Experience Away from Anxiety, Fear, Stress ~ Relax into the Present Moment

Relax into the present moment with this mindfulness meditation. Let go of any anxiety, fear and stress, so you can ease into a state of calmness. A 20 Minute Guided meditation,

How to Best Prepare Yourself for Meditation

Preparing to meditate is easy to do and can help you make your meditations easier and certainly help you go deeper. Preparing to meditate can help you to unwind and clear out your body and mind for deep meditation. These are not rules, they are just recommendations. You do not need to prepare for meditation. You can meditate any time, any place you like. For instance you could be walking on the beach and just sit down for a few minutes and find yourself going within. But if you have the time to prepare yourself, and you like to go as deep as possible in your meditations, the 7 steps to Best Prepare Yourself For Meditation might be invaluable.

Guided Meditation to Quit Smoking

Have you tried everything to quit smoking? Guided meditation can help you if nothing else will. Here’s how it works to help you quit smoking and what some research says.

Meditate Your Way Towards Effectively Achieving Goals for Life

Brian Tracy once said ‘We become what you think about most often’. With that said, how do we find a way to get rid of negative mental chatter and create the inner peace we need to succeed? Meditation is a great place to start.

Developing a Grounding Practice

Have you ever felt the negativity of major world events – whether it is a national election, catastrophic natural event or a manmade horrific situation? The negative energy swirling around you, nipping at your ankles, and attempting to keep you on edge and ill at ease? Here is one way to develop a practice to cope.

Getting Everything Done – Hmmm

Do you ever worry about what others would think of how you left your home on a trip? I do. Why must my house be in order when I leave, when in truth it never is when I am home? How do these insane thoughts help me?

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