A Morning Affirmation Guided Meditation for Positive Manifesting

This morning meditation is guided full of powerful affirmations in order for positive manifesting using the law of attraction. Start your morning right by getting into the feelings that to which you desire. Give it a try and let us know how you feel. Enjoy!

Can You Find 10 Minutes a Day for Meditation?

If I ask you, “Can you find just 10 minutes for meditation?” many of you may feel offended. Just 10 minutes a day, it is nothing.

Meditation For Beginners Is Easier Than You Think

Overcome your mental static with these easy step by step instructions to learn meditation for beginners. A clear mind is anything but empty.

How to Fight Boredom for Your Entire Life

“I’m bored.” You hear this lament quite often these days. But there is absolutely no reason to be bored. After all, you have the 24-hour radio, the 24-hour TV, the 24-hour Internet, your mobile, new and old films, unlimited music albums and videos, a vast range of magazines and books, live shows, museums, exhibitions, public lectures, sports…the list is endless. You have all the entertainment you can possibly enjoy and yet you are bored.

Would You Like to Know The Secret Of Attracting Joy Back Into Your Life?

How would you like to be in a state of Joy all the time? It can happen, if you learn the Secret.

Meditations for Rest and Reassurance – Part 1

Part 1 of an extended series. This one features six (6) meditations on life, relationships, grief, personal development, peace and contentment and success.

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