A Positive 10 Minute Meditation (Guided Meditation)

You will be left feeling wonderful after finishing this Positive 10 minute guided meditation. As we guide you into a beautiful state of peace you will begin to absorb the most precious, positive messages for you to carry within you throughout your day. Enjoy!

How to Overcome Obstacles That Keep Us From Meditating

There are many reasons why we don’t do things that we know are good for us. When I first was exposed to meditation, at about 19 years of age, I was working on my first academic degree. I had begun studying the positive effects of meditation. My exposure to meditation was very scientific, very medical.

Top Benefits of Daily Meditation

Starting meditation can be a confusing process. With all the different techniques and styles available it can be hard to know where to start. How do I know this? Because I’ve been in that exact same position, and I know how overwhelming all the information can be. I want to help you sort through all of the clutter. First, I’d like to go into beginner meditation benefits.

Simple Meditation Techniques for Beginners

I’m sure by now you’re wondering how exactly you can get started with meditating daily. What techniques can be used for someone just starting out with meditation? I’d like to touch on a couple very simple meditation techniques for beginners and how to achieve the right mindset for meditation success.

Meditate and Fall Asleep

The technique through which you can relax your binaural beasts is called binaural sleep meditation. These meditation techniques guarantee you a peaceful sleep at night. Read the article to know more.

What, Exactly, Is Meditation?

Meditation is an ancient practice that is currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity across many cultures. As people cast about looking for ways to adjust to the demands of our hectic world, the focus and calm of meditation can be very appealing.

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