A Positive Five Minute Guided Meditation

Life is meant to be enjoyed, and it *can* keep getting better and better. Remind yourself of this with this 5 min positive message guided meditation. Enjoy!

The Use of Meditation in Healing

Creative meditation is helpful in healing. Healing takes many forms: healing of attitude, emotions, relationships, trauma, and outlook.

A Meditation Technique

This is a guide for a quick meditation. No, you don’t have to sit cross-legged and start chanting. This one is easy so follow along and enjoy.

How to Relax Your Mind More Deeply When Meditating

Meditation has wonderful benefits. It can help to improve your physical and mental health, to release stress, and even to tap into the deepest potentials of your mind and explore an exciting variety of altered states of consciousness. But to get the most from your meditation sessions, you need to be able to relax your mind properly – and this is where many people run into problems.

Meditation For the Non-Mystic

There’s a way of meditating that’s more like knitting a soft blanket for the baby, or making a kitchen table from a plank of hand-rubbed wood. It’s pretty normal, everyday stuff. And it’s easy!

Developing a Breathing Practice For Meditating and Letting Go Tension

The preparation for meditation involves focusing on your breathing. Focused attention quiets the mind. Active attention to breathing helps deepen the breathing, and increases physical and sensual awareness. Deep breathing is relaxing to the whole body. Letting go of tension is aided by breathing practice.

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