A Positive Meditation that will leave you feeling Great!

You will end up feeling Great after listening to this 10 minute guided meditation filled with positive messages. Allow yourself to connect with your breath, relax into the present moment, and take in all the positivity you are about to experience. Enjoy!

Spirituality and Life Purpose – The Role of Meditation

When we meditate we expand the realms of our everyday consciousness to its outer limit. From there we can enter into dialogue with our higher self and the entire universe as to the meaning of life – our life! If we remain receptive that dialogue will continue as we go about our everyday lives. Eventually we will come to know our life purpose.

Why Use Music For Meditating?

Meditation has a huge range of benefits, including lower stress levels, better health, peace of mind and even access to psychic abilities and altered states of consciousness. As a result, more and more people are taking up meditation than ever. Unfortunately, many of these people proceed to give up fairly quickly.

5 Meditation Tips For Beginners – Have a Better Meditation Experience

If you’re learning to meditate, you’ve made a good choice. Meditation has a huge range of benefits, including better physical health, better mental health, less stress, greater peace of mind and even access to psychic powers and altered states. However, meditation isn’t always easy, especially in the beginning. Unfortunately, a lot of people give up meditating because they don’t get the results they’re seeking as quickly as they’d like.

Setting the Stage For Meditative Practice

Think about a time when you walked into a place of worship and lit a votive candle; or when you turned down the lights and listened to music; or took a long walk on a beach. However you were able to buffer the outer world and ease into a familiar calm is how meditation should be approached. Ideas for preparing your environment are listed below.

Meditation – What is it and Why Bother?

What exactly is meditation? In the simplest of terms, it’s about relaxing the body, quieting the mind, and having a focus. It’s also a way to access knowledge intuitively, to experience a world beyond the senses, to communicate with the personal or collective unconscious and, most importantly, to understand who you are.

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