A Positive Morning Meditation Full of Love and Positive Energy

This Amazing 10 minute Guided Meditation will start your morning filling you full of love and positive energy. Enjoy!

What Is Guided Meditation Really?

Has the latest news about meditation and its benefits made you curious about trying it for yourself? Here’s some information about guided meditation, a form of meditation that offers the same benefits and is designed to help you meet your goals, from weight loss and quitting smoking to sleeping well at night and managing chronic pain.

Can 15 Minutes of Meditation Really Work?

You can definitely learn how to regain some of your strength when you are feeling down or low. It doesn’t take long at all. You will only need around 15 minutes while feeling in a state of happiness in order for this to work. You will need to focus on the positive energy that surrounds you and eliminate any negative thoughts and energy. This will make you feel a whole lot better once it is all said and done.

When, and How Often, Should I Meditate?

The answer to this will change over time. At first you will want make sure that you do it at least once per day, and at the same time each day.

How I Learnt Meditation

Meditation – how do you know you are doing it right? I was confused about how well I was doing for a long time. Now I know that it is a journey, just like any other journey in life.

Relevance of Zen Stories in Meditation

Since the time immemorial, Zen stories have been used as an effective tool for meditation. In the Zen tradition, the stories, which are often referred as Koan, have been a fundamental part of the Zen meditation. Even in the present time, people love to use these stories to deepen their knowledge of meditation.

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