A Powerful Connection with Your Higher Self ~ Guided Meditation

This powerful guided meditation will help you connect with your Higher self, a concept associated with various belief systems but its central principle defines an infinite, omnipotent, conscious, and intelligent being who is the real self beyond that of our thoughts.

Since our True Self is our spiritual side, by definition meditation takes us over there. Be sure to set your intention before you start, when using meditation to connect with your Higher Self. Find a comfortable place and start taking some slow and deep breaths.
Relax and focus on your breath until you are feeling zen.

If your mind starts to wander, bring it back to your breath.

Learn the Benefits of Meditation – Improve Your Lifestyle

The Rejuvenated Mind Ushers In The New And Improved Lifestyle – Everyone these days is on some kind of a quest to improve some aspect of their lives and well-being.

You Too Can Learn Relaxation Meditation Techniques in One Hour

Relaxation Meditation – Meditate at your own pace. Use Techniques to improve well being.

Meditation – The Missing Link to a Fulfilled Life and Stress Relief

“When faced with a challenge or challenges, preserve the unwavering attitude to always step forward and face the challenge head-on, and never sideways or backwards—” Are you currently experiencing stress or have “not” addressed past experiences that caused stress in your Life? The answer lies within you!

Meditation Is a Myth

Meditation, is it a fad or here to stay? I’m not sure about you however I have found it bloody frustrating over the years, attempting to sit still and meditate, especially with 4,786 conversations per second washing through my mind. OK that number may be a little exaggerated but that’s what it feels like some days when you’re attempting to meditate.

Guided Chakra Meditations Using Reiki

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