A Powerful Guided 3 phase Morning Meditation

This is a very powerful 10 minute Guided Meditation to use first thing in the morning. You will be guided into three phases bringing you into a very special place. First phase will be guided using Mindfulness in order to bring you present and into the moment. You will then be guided into the second phase where you will be instructed to begin to let go of anything no longer serving you. The 3’rd stage, you will be guided into a place of gratitude reminding you of all the great things you already have in your life. After completing this meditation, you will be left feeling light, and in great spirits, positive and ready to move gracefully throughout the day… Enjoy!

Healing Meditation for Body and Soul

Healing means bringing your mind and body to a stable and healthy state. Healing is not a simple process. It consists of various ups and downs until the body or mind is completely healed. If you want your body to heal from an ailment, you go to a doctor and take medicines.

Buy a Comfortable and Useful Meditation Bench For Effective Meditation

Meditation is an activity to keep the mind silent. It helps our mind to concentrate in the midst of worldly turmoil. There is no particular place to meditate.

The Path of Meditation – Right Speech: A Meditation Essential

Speech is very important as it creates friends or enemies, makes or breaks families. It is extremely powerful. As speech is always preceded by an intention to speak, right view and right intention govern the way you will speak. Also, as intention motivates speech, speech has substantial consequences.

The Path Of Meditation – Right Intention

Right intention follows naturally from right view. Right view is essential as the wrong view obviously leads to the wrong intentions, actions and results. Due to right view you can avoid the unnecessary mistakes of wrong views and get the right results. It gives you confidence as you know how to act correctly and the intention to do this naturally arises.

The Path of Meditation – The Right View of Meditation: The Ego Is Made Up of Defilements

Greed, hatred and delusion are defilements as they are dirty. Dirt accumulates whenever there is inadequate maintenance and housekeeping. Someone who is under the control of desire or anger is neglecting to maintain their self-respect and their respect of others. This neglect causes moral dirt to collect and the build-up of moral dirt leads to decay and disease.

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