A Powerful Morning Meditation

A powerful 10 minute morning guided meditation with combinations of positive messages you can listen to to uplift your energy and return to who you truly are. If you’re looking to LIVE your life – really LIVE it – through fun, joy, love and ever upward and outward growth and expansion, then start your day off with this message as often as you can! Enjoy!

Beginning Meditation From a Beginners Point of View

The toughest part about mediating is getting started. Read these tips on how to begin.

Can You Really Connect With Your Higher Self Through Meditation

Statistics show that a single individual can have as many as 60,000 thoughts, in any given day. Out of these most of them are old ones that keep recurring in the mind and are therefore not necessary. Ask yourself the following two questions honestly and read the comments from a meditative point of view:

Practice Self Meditation To Relieve Yourself From Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety is the result of our brains working overtime and magnifying small issues into major problems. This article will help you learn to relieve anxiety naturally with meditation. Nervousness, tension and the fear you experience, results in anxiety.

Mastering the Art of Meditation For Total Relaxation

Can you remember the last time you were totally relaxed, or spent some quality time trying to recuperate your body, as well as your mind? When you feel low, do you end up shopping, watching T.V, playing video games, or just surfing social sites, such as Twitter, or Facebook, to try to distract your mind from depressing thoughts that seem to linger in your mind?

Maya Siddhi Stress And Technology

Technology has made many things, thought to be impossible in the past; easily possible! In common language these technological feats could be conceived and appreciated as extraordinary achievements.

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