A Time for Balance ~ Autumn Equinox Meditation

A 10 minute guided meditation just in time for the autumn Equinox, a time for balance. Happy Autumnal Equinox! Use this autumn equinox meditation to help you find balance, release what you’re ready to let go of, and harvest what you’re welcoming in to your life. We wish you many autumn equinox blessings!

Learn to Meditate and Silence the Noise Before it Kills You

When was the last time you sat in silence? I bet you can’t remember. Well you are not alone. Just the act of living means we are constantly inundated with noise even when you think it is quiet. It may seem quiet when the dog stops barking, the siren ceases its wailing and all obvious human activity has stopped. What about fridge humming or the clock with the loud tick, or the air conditioning fan spinning, the cars driving past?

A Beginners Meditation Guide for Walkers

Quieting your mind by walking around is relaxing and easy to do. My favorite time to walk is early- very early- in the morning. It is wonderful to experience the silent traffic and hear the birds singing.

Relaxing Spiritually Through Meditation

Individual meditation as well as guided meditation contains the skills to naturally control the state your body and mind. You will be able to feel better and remain healthier through the use of these techniques to gain a deeper sense of well being. It is an art that can be taught and learned by anybody with a little practice.

Meditation – Looking Inward

Meditation is the gateway to all the higher aspects of consciousness. It is also the best method to help you reduce stress.

Meditation For Beginners – A Subtle Yet Powerful Secret

What exactly is the middle path? And is it possible to walk a middle path between seriousness and playfulness in the practice of meditation?

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