Activate Your Feminine Energy & Awaken the Goddess Within ~ Guided Meditation

This 10 minute Guided Meditation will help you Activate you Feminine Energy and will Awaken your Goddess leaving you full of strength, creativity, nurturing energy, wisdom and confidence. Enjoy!

Do You Need A Class To Learn To Meditate?

When you first search for articles and Information on Meditation Courses you can be surprised how confusing and misleading it is trying to find a suitable course. I have put together some interesting and basic information that can help to guide the novice through the early days.

4 Simple Meditation Techniques For Beginners

Have you been thinking about meditating? The benefits of the practice have been accumulating, encouraging anyone and everyone to take part in the practice. For those who are ready, here are some simple meditation techniques for beginners to experience the art of meditation.

Improve Spiritual Growth With Meditation Retreats

Meditation retreats are not only good for practicing contemplation but they are also adept at increasing the concentration power that one has. This is why it is being used as a popular option for group therapy. Mediation helps to build focus and concentration which also refreshes the mind and makes it more active. This is due to flows of positive energy that enter the body when one is relaxing and meditating. These meditation retreats are the place for humans to carry out their self improvement in the company of other like-minded people who want the same peace and tranquility.

How Do You Meditate? Exploring Mindfulness Meditation

The popularity of meditation has grown quite a bit over the last few years, leaving many who want to benefit from its experiencing asking “How do I meditate?” A legitimate question when starting out. Using mindfulness meditation, we can apply a sometimes misconceived practice to simple activities, making for a very practical practice.

Are You On A Meditation Plateau? 4 Important Facets To Revisit

Like with many new activities, you may find yourself excited in the beginning with your new meditation practice, then tend to plateau until you come across something to help boost you to the next step. If that’s the case, then here are some important meditation facets you may want to revisit.

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