Affirmations for Positive Thinking 10 Minute Guided Meditation

Use these positive affirmations to help you align with positive thinking. This 10 minute positive affirmation guided meditation is specifically designed to help you hone and strengthen your positive thinking muscles so that you feel that truly anything you want is possible for you, and everything can work out for you. Enjoy!

Life Lessons on the Pillow

What would it take to live an evolving, engaged and purposeful life? Some people believe they might be living one now, but most people realize that how they could be living is far from the reality of their life.

Seven Steps For Successful Meditative Practice

Cornerstones of the meditative process are simple but important. The following seven tenets will assure success. As you read what follows, understand that each step, even journaling, plays off the other like an orchestrated ensemble of blended notes. In other words, the practice of meditation is not linear but dynamic. For instance, relaxing the body can be a focus that can then quiet the mind, which then allows for more focus.

How to Prepare to Meditate For Beginners

You may have tried to meditate in the past only to find all your worries or what had happened through out your day over takes your mind. You try to relax and let your thoughts go but it just doesn’t happen.

Meditation – How Meditation is a Healthy Way to Manage Anger

Can just sitting quietly help you to deal with anger? If you learn to know yourself better and meditate with your feelings, then you can learn to detach from your anger trigger and take control of your emotions. Meditation is a healthy way to deal with anger -and meditation has so many other benefits as well.

Brainwave Entrainment – How Effective is Brainwave Meditation?

A reader of my most recent article asked about brainwave entrainment and whether brainwave audio frequencies can help her in her meditation process. This article answers some relevant questions about brainwave entrainment and meditation.

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