Affirmations for Women | 10 Minute Guided Meditation

This 10 minute guided meditation with affirmations for women will leave you feeling positive and ready for the day. Start to make positive changes, while reducing negative self thoughts. Give it a try and let us know how you feel. Enjoy!

Christian Meditation – Meditate to Release Bad Habits and Face a Bright Hopeful Future Fully Alive!

Do you harbor disturbing thoughts that cause you to live dependent on bad habits? Discover how Christian Meditation can help you put your dependency on God and face your future living fully alive!

Few Proper Meditation Techniques For Effective Results

In recent times, when the brain is under huge stress, several meditation techniques have come into focus, which assure that the people adopting these measures will get the ultimate peace of mind. This article discusses some of the techniques that can be used for the purpose, including meditation using binaural beats.

How to Meditate Effectively For Beginners

Meditation has lately been the craze, and although there has not been any scientific evidence that shows that meditation helps greatly in improving your health, there are a lot of testimonials of people whom have employed the use of meditation towards improving their lives. Many of the successful people encourage others to meditate to achieve what they want in life. Meditation sometimes is also referred to as prayers, self-hypnosis, creative visualization and so on.

Grip the Art of Meditation With Help of the Meditation CDs

Meditation is the key to unravel the hidden energy and experience a peace of mind. It helps the meditators embark on a journey from the conscious stage to the inner self. Once you grip the techniques of meditation, you will reach the height of calmness, comfort and divine joy. The techniques can be learned under the guidance of an expert trainer or with help of meditation CDs.

The Seven Step Authentic Power Meditation

Hypnotherapy is the use of altered states of awareness to bring about positive change. This meditation, called ‘Authentic Power’ is a technique that uses a range of powerful altered states that you can use everyday to relax, feel confident and start attracting the things you really want in your life. Here’s how it works…

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