Align with your Higher Self ~ Lions Gate Meditation

This 10 minute guided meditation will have you align with your higher self using the energy of the lions gate. Each year on 8/8 the Earth and the star system of Sirius are aligned. This is known as the Lion’s Gate portal because the sun is in Leo. While technically the “portal” is open for a few weeks around this time (so we feel the energy for more than just one day), 8/8 is the peak. This is a brilliant time for raising your frequency and aligning more effortlessly with that which you desire. Use this Lion’s Gate portal meditation to help you make the most of this energy and enjoy shining your brilliant light today! Enjoy!

How to Concentrate Yourself When Meditating With Subliminal Messages

Meditation is more than just an art. In fact, it’s a way of life. If you want proof, you can check out photos of or talk to monks.

Mental Health Implications of Buddhist Practice of Meditation – The Dishma Inc Experience

Mental health is the general state of wellness – cognitively, emotionally and behaviorally. The conditions to achieve that can be individual’s or communities’ physiological conditions, environmental, cultural and spiritual. Buddhism is an ancient practice of achieving and preserving wisdom -which in turn is used to eradicate suffering, misery and disease in other beings – including every living organism.

Holosync Review – How Does Holosync Stack Up?

This Holosync review will look briefly at Bill Harris’s product which he created to help people to learn how to meditate using scientifically proven audio technology. If you’re interested in meditation, you probably know that it has many hidden benefits.

Treat Asthma With Subliminal Messages Meditation

There are literally millions of people who suffer from asthma. The condition can range from something very small that a person can basically go on with his life to severe, which can lead to death.   Fortunately, science and medicine have improved greatly.

Subliminal Messages and Meditation – Their Importance

It doesn’t matter what religion you’re practicing-or whether you’re religious or not-you always tend to ask the cosmos for answers for a lot of questions. However, you feel it doesn’t answer you back, so you blame it for the problems you find yourself in for many times.   Well, there’s a huge possibility you already have the answers you need.

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