Authentic Self Guided Meditation (10 minutes)

This 10 minute Guided Meditation will help you to let go and connect to your Authentic Self. Enjoy!

An Introduction to the Practice of Meditation

Meditation is a skilful means for working with our distracted minds. Through the practice of mindfulness and awareness, we bring our minds home and slowly are revealed the compassion and wisdom that are our true nature – who we really are.

Meditation Vs Hypnosis – Can Alternative Therapies Deliver Pain-Free Results?

Alternative therapies such as hypnosis and meditation have been used around the world as complementary treatments to conventional medicine for hundreds of years. Meditation has been linked to the relief of symptoms such as anxiety, stress, headaches, insomnia. Hypnosis is commonly used in hospitals and dental practices around the world in place of anaesthesia. And neither practice requires the use of drugs or causes harmful side effects.

Free Meditation – To Pay or Not to Pay?

There are many meditation-related websites out there. And there are many people searching for information on meditation. Free meditation is a big keyword in search engine statistics. Why do people want meditation for free, and when are they willing to pay?

What Is Meditation About?

What is meditation? You have a way of understanding your own life and the world that opens up new vistas and unplumbed depth. It is called meditation and you should understand something about this amazing innate faculty without having to study for years, join a special group, or learn difficult practices.

The Best Way To Write After Doing Your Guided Meditation or Guided Imagery Program

When you do a guided meditation or guided imagery program, you offer yourself an ideal opportunity to explore a deeper level of awareness about yourself, receive higher truth, and know more about how you feel inside. Writing immediately after your guided meditation or guided imagery session is an important way of exploring and mining that information.

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