Become Amazing at Meditation ~ A Guided Meditation for Beginners

If you are a beginner, or new to meditation, allow this 10 minute guided meditation show you the way of mastering the wonderful practice of meditating. Enjoy!

Meditation and Breath

Meditation is a wonderful way to cut through the cluttered thoughts of a busy mind. Focusing on breathing will facilitate focus and can increase your ability to express gratitude for aspects of life that are out of your control.

Meditation For Success

There is a higher self operating in all of us. it is a source of infinite energy and power. While is is okay to take guidance from the ‘conditioned mind’, it may not always provide for the right solutions. Alignment with the inner voice of our higher self will fuel our true abilities, which over a period of time will reap positive results.

Using Music for Relaxation or During Holistic Therapies

The presence of music can have an enormously powerful effect on both human beings and animals – whether it is stimulating music or more relaxing music, it can’t be denied that our mood, outlook and emotions can be strongly influenced by what we hear. For many people, unwinding at the end of a stressful day can be greatly assisted by choosing the right music to promote relaxation and a feeling of calm. Some enjoy quiet classical music whereas for others, soft Jazz, lilting instrumental pieces, ballads, folk melodies or specially produced New Age or Relaxation music seem to fit the…

Meditation Bowls Can Heal the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Learn the history of a singing bowl and how using them can clear negative energy from the body. Learn about the chakras and how singing bowls can bring healing from head to toe. Find out how to reduce stress and use singing bowls with meditation for spiritual healing and overall well being.

What Meditation Can Do for You – Meditating in a Stressful World

The lovely benefits of meditation are plenty and they can improve both your physical state and psychological state. Meditation is a good and simple way for you to reduce stress and to get a less tense life. Stress and worries is a part of most people’s life, and as we live in this busy world, it is kind of impossible not to feel stressed out with all the deadlines, appointments and responsibilities we have in our life.

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