Becoming a New You (10 Minute Guided Meditation)

Let go of the older version of you, this short 10 minute guided meditation will have you feeling lighter, empowered and free, eager, ready and willing to step into the new you. A new door appears in front of you, will you enter? Enjoy!

What’s the First Question Beginning Meditators Ask?

One of the most fundamental questions we can ask ourselves is, why? There’s a good chance it was the first question about meditation that you wanted an answer to, why meditate? Whether we are aware of it we are all essentially looking for is a sense of happiness and fulfillment.

Three Fundamentals of a Meditation Practice

You’ve read you can increase your brainpower, or you want to enhance your sports performance. Perhaps your doctor told you it’s time to learn stress reduction. In yoga class you’ve become aware of the possibility of enlightenment, understanding your true nature or your purpose in life.

Can Science Evaluate Meditation?

During the last few decades, hundreds of research studies on meditation have produced numerous significant findings in areas as diverse such as the psychological, physiological, and transpersonal realms. However, the poor quality in terms of scientific procedure of most published literature on this the field of meditation precludes any definitive conclusion. But, as long as researchers will be engaged in applying the methods of the reductionist view of scientific positivism, i.e. the physical and material constitutes all there is to reality and the only proper object of scientific scrutiny, it will be impossible to even scratch the surface of subjectivity, or better said, the inter-subjectivity of experience.

How To Balance Your Root Chakra

Importance of a healthy and balanced root chakra. Physical and mental problems resulting from an unbalanced and unhealthy root chakra. How to balance your root chakra.

How Meditation Workshop Helps in Revitalizing a Person?

One of the best ways to realize your inner capabilities and strength is certainly through meditation. It is nothing, but an exercise of mind that releases stress. There are many people, who join workshops for meditations to lead a peaceful and healthy life.

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