Calm Your Mind – Present Moment 10 Minute Guided Meditation

This 10 minute guided meditation will softly guided you into a calm peace of mind allowing you to become present to the moment. Become still with your breath, feel how relaxing meditation can be and how it can have positive effects on your overall well being. Enjoy!

Meditation for Improved Sleep and Happier Holiday Time

Meditation is portable, profound, and powerful. It improves your life in all sorts of ways, ranging from the spiritual to the physical.

5 Easy Steps to Initiate Meditation for Children

Meditation since ages has been considered to be the process of calming the mind and soul for adults as they are the ones who face a higher amount of stress and tensions. With the changing trends and the behavioural traits in children, they too are in need of mediation to release pressure and tension that they receive while competing with their peers to stay ahead in everything that they do.

10 Ways to Create Your Own Meditation Space to Sit Relax Breathe

The clutter, piles of paperwork, bills, emails, text messages, social media posts, clothing, dishes, AHH! It’s all overwhelming and you’re on the verge of a panic attack if it all doesn’t get organized! Whether it’s at home or your office, things can just seem to pile up and feel like there is an uncontrollable chaos. We’ve all been there. We crave calmness and tranquility but there doesn’t seem to be time to even create your own meditation space to Sit. Relax. Breathe. There are meditation classes, meditation CD’s and even meditation books but sometimes all you need is a space of your own to meditate.

Mindfulness Let’s You Let Go of Stress

Mindfulness and mindfulness techniques can have a positive impact on your life. By living in a mindful way and in the present moment, we learn to appreciate simple everyday pleasures, that may otherwise go unnoticed. Mindfulness training techniques can be very easily mastered and some can be practiced in under a minute. There are many benefits to living in the here and now, including lowering stress levels and anxieties as well as helping us to manage physical and emotional pain.

The Art of Doing Nothing With Our Endless Numbered Days

“There are things that drift away, like our endless numbered days… That’s a wonderful line from a song.

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