Can You Feel The Difference After Using this 10 Minute Mindfulness Guided Meditation

Millions across the globe are benefiting from a mindfulness meditation practice. Can you feel the difference after using this 10 minute guided meditation? By following along to this video you can help reduce anxiety, stress, depression, and negative emotions. You will learn to become more present to the moment, becoming more connected to your surroundings. Enjoy!

Take Hold of Your Monkey Mind: 3 Easy Mindfulness Skills for Better Thought Control

Are you ever troubled by “monkey mind”? That’s when you can’t focus, can’t sit still and your thoughts are swinging wildly out of control. These easy mindfulness skills will help you calm down and rein in your monkey mind.

5 Easy Mindfulness Exercises for Anxiety Attack Relief

These easy mindfulness exercises snap you out of the anxious future and into the calm present. Use them anytime, anywhere for quick anxiety attack relief.

Two Keys to Vibrant Health

Are you afraid of getting cancer, having a stroke, or any of the many symptoms that might pop up in your body every day? In this brief article, I’ll share two powerful keys that can dramatically improve your health and how you feel.

Heat Therapy With Reusable Heat Packs

Warming the painful joints and muscles with the help of heat packs provides relief from the nagging pain. Applying heat to the painful area of the body dilates the blood vessels in the area, thereby boosting blood circulation, which helps to heal the sore muscles. Moreover, heat therapy helps to improve flexibility of joints and muscles, easing pain and improving mobility.

Benefits of a Clear Mind – Why Meditate Regularly?

We explore meditation to consider what meditation is and what the benefits will be. Meditation is irrevocably connected with living well.

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