Cleanse Your Energy (10 Minute Meditation Guided)

Cleanse your energy using this 10 minute guided meditation. Rid yourself of all negative energy, stress, anxiety. This meditation will make you feel so much lighter and fresh. Give it a try and let us know what you think… Enjoy!

Bipolar Medications – An Overview of the Basics

While there are a lot of different types of bipolar disorder, everyone still suffers from the manic highs and the emotionally paralyzing lows of this disorder. Manic episodes can be extreme and include psychotic behavior, fast speech, racing thoughts, and risky, self-destructive behavior. On the other hand, depression can keep a person from enjoying life and may even put the patient in danger of committing, or at least contemplating, suicide.

Why Meditate? Five Reasons Why We Should Meditate

Why meditate is a question that a lot of people ask. In reality there are many different reasons to meditate at least once a day, but here we will talk about the five most important ones. Whether you are an office worker who is at the breaking point, the stay at home mom or dad that sometimes feels things are getting a bit overwhelming, or even someone who may have some ailment that seems to just keep bothering you, all can benefit from meditation at some point.

Meditation and Fear: How to Find Relief From Our Fears

What are fears? Fears are something that we have created in our mind after, usually, having a negative experience. I say “usually” because fears cannot only come from our own experiences but also from those of others also. A lot of people have different fears. The main ingredient of fears is that they are created in our minds, reinforced in our minds and sustained in our minds.

Facilitate Meditation for Beginners With the Help of Hemi Sync Audio Products

The audio CDs provided by hemi sync offers some great ways for enhancing the beginner meditation. Meditation is one of the most efficient techniques that offer the beginners some great relaxation and also a solution for almost all health related issues.

You Can Learn Mantras for Meditation

There was a time not too long ago when mentioning the word “meditation” might elicit quizzical looks and skeptical stares. Meditation used to be considered strictly for long-haired hippies and bald-shaven Eastern monks, but definitely not for sensible socialites. As time has progressed, however, we have come to understand meditation not as a religious or cultural rite, but as a personal practice useful for enhancing clarity, focus, and peacefulness.

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