Clear Mind Present Moment 10 Minute Mindfulness Guided Meditation

Clear your mind & become present to the moment using this 10 minute guided mindfulness meditation. What an amazing way to start the day.

Empathic Abilities

It is sometimes hard to tell whether or not someone is an empath, (a psychic who possesses empathic abilities). The problem is, you don’t always know if someone actually possesses these psychic powers, or if they are just sensitive, understanding people. How do you know if you’re really empathic?

Improve Health and Wellness Through Meditation

Our lives are so busy that one is surrounded with so much of stress and tension. Mental relief is what one is looking for as stress is not only causing mental but physical fatigue that result in a number of health problems. Though exercise is a great way to keep fit but it does not relax your brain which is most important.

Implementing Meditation To Seek Inner-Peace and Tranquility

Have you ever stopped to consider how meditating could improve your life? Learn the key reasons as to why you should meditate and how you can get started with meditation.

The How To Of Meditation: Stress Relief

This exercise was designed to introduce one to a correct state of meditation. Creating a stress relief valve for anxiety and exhaustion to be released, simply by calming the mind.

Top Reasons Meditation Style Does Not Matter

There are many styles of meditation. No matter which style, what language, or how much chanting/walking or sitting is being done for me it boils down to “too good is no good”, “no good is too good” if you are expecting something different please get over it.

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