Completely Immersed in Love ~ 10 Minute Guided Meditation

Completely immerse yourself in love, self love, and love for all that is. This 10 minute guided meditation focused on love will leave you feeling amazing. Give it a try, we promise you’ll feel great! Enjoy!

Applied Neuroscience Secrets of Ancient Mystics

Meditation strengthens your whole mind by developing key mental skills. These skills form the foundation of a healthy awareness. If you practice regularly, you’ll notice your memory improves as if by magic.

How Genius Is Like Stupidity

The way masters and novices view the world is surprisingly similar. Of course, it’s not identical. A key skill that separates the two also happens to be vital for meditation. Train your mind to shift towards mastery and you’ll enjoy surprising results.

3 Types of People Who Can’t Meditate (and How They Can Learn)

Some people try meditation and find it doesn’t work. Does that mean they are lost causes? I don’t think so. The more difficult cases simply need a different approach. Everyone has an unconscious mind and it’s your birthright to be able to access it.

Align Your Body to Align Your Mind

There’s no point meditating if you wreck your back while doing it. Fortunately, you have options. Learn how to adjust your posture to the ideal state… or whether you even need to.

The Simple Exercise That Fixes Your Breathing and Posture

There’s a fine art to getting your posture and breathing right. This simple exercise will enable your meditation sessions to go that much more smoothly. And I’m sure you’ll find that the benefits don’t stop there – not by a long shot.

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