Entering into a Perfect State of Being using Mindfulness ~ 10 Minute Guided Meditation

Enter a perfect state of being with this 10 minute guided mindfulness meditation. The soft spoken female voice will sure to bring you to ease and allow you to become fully present in a calm state of being. Enjoy!

Understanding Compassion – A Monks Meditation Secret to Enlightenment

This week I went to a meditation and talk at inner city Sydney sanctuary Anahata Therapies, with the Venerable Lobsang Tibetan Buddhist Monk Tendar. Through his eyes I learned about a Monks secret…

My Vipassana Meditation Experience

My intentions before going to the Vipassana 10-day meditation retreat was to start meditating every day as a way to practice and prepare myself for the 10 hours of daily meditation I knew was in store for me. Not surprisingly, the only mediation “practice” I got in was two 20-minute sessions, both of them ending with me falling asleep.

How Meditating Can Transform Your Life

Meditation is like a chiropractic adjustment for you soul. When you focus on getting silent, slowing down the mental chatter and going to a place inside of you that is connected to everyone and everything, you realign your energies to higher frequencies and vibrations.

Easy Meditation Techniques That You Can Follow

Meditation is said to be the ‘yoga of the mind’. It entails great discipline to be able to fully reap the benefits that it has to offer. Meditation involves the mental aspect thus the mind is mostly at work in this ancient art. Back in the olden times, meditation was said to be first done by Buddhists in order to be able to achieve that higher level of consciousness and in line with their religion it is their way of being able to speak to the Buddha. It is also said that with meditation, a person is able to find that inner peace.

Best Meditation Tips for Beginners

For a long time now, meditation has been used by many for a variety of reasons. In the old times, meditation was a way of communicating with the Buddha or achieve a higher level of consciousness because the practice of meditation first started with the ancient Buddhists. Meditation was not just a way of relieving oneself from stress but more of actually being able to keep the balance in one’s self and exercising the mind to concentrate and focus. For beginners who do not know what to do when meditating there are a few tips they can make use of.

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