Every Day Morning Meditation (10 Minute guided meditation)

You’ll want to make this your everyday go to morning meditation once you finish this 10 minute guided meditation. Begin this meditation upon awakening for the day, and keep this feeling throughout your day… Enjoy!

What Is Visualization Meditation and How You Can Benefit From It?

Have you heard about visualization meditation? This form of meditation is an extremely powerful way to use imagery to relieve stress, solve problems and improve self-confidence. That might sound like a lot for just one form of meditation to be able to do, but it is true. And you can learn this powerful technique whether you are new to meditation or are an experienced pro.

A Few Simple Techniques of Meditation

Meditating is a great way to find inner peace and harmony. If you are planning to do your own meditation, here are a few techniques that you can start off with. But before you start, you have to make sure the space around you is clean and clutter free.

A List of Appropriate Techniques of Meditation for Beginners

Theta meditation has emerged to be one of the modern and efficacious mediation techniques. If you are new to it, you can talk to an online health specialist and learn about other meditation techniques.

Life, Death and Meditation

Death is both an end and the beginning. Birth and death is fixed… it cannot be changed. What is life? Life is an extension of your previous birth. After death you are born again. To take birth one has to die first. You have been assigned a duty by almighty…and you visited this planet earth. You are merely a visitor here.

Meditation and Earnestness

Perhaps the most important concept or discipline I can teach you is “Earnestness”. When I was younger, while I had been introduced to mediation, I wasn’t earnest in practicing it until later in life when I realized how mediation so closely related to my own growth as a person.

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